Robert A MacArthur
Financial Advisor

MacArthur Financial

Working as a consultant to corporate America for almost 30 years has provided me with a unique perspective and expertise that continues to guide the planning I do for my clients today.

Corporate executives have unique and challenging planning needs since their financial positions are often closely linked to the companies they work for. It's quite common for an executive to accumulate wealth through corporate holdings, yet lack an overall financial plan that is carefully integrated with their personal needs and objectives.

Strategic implementation of corporate benefits within an overall plan is crucial, and is often overlooked when executives engage in retirement and estate planning.

Inherent risks also exist, which require special considerations and a precise level of expertise to help ensure that financial benefits are both maximized and sufficiently protected for the future.

It's at this very intersection, where corporate and individual planning meet, that I have spent my career providing wealth management advisory and financial planning services to corporate executives and their families.

We specialize in very distinct, yet interconnected areas of planning:

Financial representatives do not give legal or tax advice.  Taxpayers should seek advice based on their particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.

  • Individual Executive Clients: Developing custom retirement plan distribution and wealth management strategies to help maximize net lifetime income, mitigate downside risks and plan for next generation and/or charitable legacies.

  • Professionals and Physicians: Similar to executive clients, these individuals have accumulated sufficient assets for retirement but lack an overall financial plan that is carefully constructed to help maximize income, reduce taxes, plan for a 35+ year retirement span and to execute important legacy and charitable objectives.

  • Corporate Clients: Designing and implementing corporate-sponsored executive benefit plans specifically designed to retain and reward key talent.

If you live for it, we’ll help you plan for it.

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